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Where are you from – Fashion Forcast for Fall/Winter 2011

Definitely one of my favorite people to look at for inspiration are the past and present nomads,  yesterday’s pioneers and today’s migrants.  The definition of Nomadism is: “The hope of building a better life elsewhere”.

I’m always so inspired and in awe by the way modern day nomads mix colors and natural fabrics together:  woodsy-browns mixed with savory, contrasting colors like precious pinks, reds and true blues…on bulky protective blankets, wrapped layers, cloaks, patchwork, strapped, chunky natural fabrics.   It’s amazing to see how culture travels, reinvents, molds, and evolves itself.  Perfect example is the Indian women in South America who wear bowler type hats….how did that bowler hat become part of their everyday outfit?

"Mobility is a irreversible movement, better to accompany it than to suppress it".

We are definitely living in a hybrid age.  This is why fashion now is such a mixture of old, vintage styles from all over the world, mixed with new trends.  Fashionistas should look at present and past nomadic tribes for wardrobe inspiration.  You can do this by visiting your local history museum.  I recommend that you also watch the movie “Golden Door” or look through Augustus F. Sherman’s “Ellis Island Portraits 1905-1920″.  Because we all carry deep attachment to our ancestry treasures,  I also suggest you find out where you came from……there’s nothing more inspiring than your great, great grandparents.  Pay homage to them by wearing a piece from your past.

"Ellis Island Portraits"

In the picture below you can see how I took an authentic Peruvian wool skirt (from Studio 1617 - Silverlake) and paired it with a chunky, military-esque jacket and an embellished lace top (Anthropologie).

Mixed modern garb with a Peruvian wool skirt

Remember: You don’t want to look like you just walked out of the Natural History Museum.  You just want to pick one special authentic piece.  It could be a skirt, a belt, blouse, hat or even jewelry.

If you’re going for a South American nomadic vibe, one of my favorite places to shop is Studio 1617 on Silverlake Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. The owner takes yearly trips to South America and buys all sorts of unique clothes, accessories and home goods from the local Indians.  You can also try shopping on ebay or for authentic pieces.

Beaded clutch from Anthropologie - Nomadic Vibe

Beaded Clutch with a Nomadic vibe - Anthropologie

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