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The Perfect Fit

Why is buying a pair of jeans so complicating? Oh wait, I know because there are like way too many names and styles to choose from! You have your Elephant, your Straight legged, your Skinny, your Drain Pipes, your Cigarette, oh wait but they’ve added some special ones recently…my favorite the “Jegging”…you’ve got to be kidding me….the Boyfriend, the Wide leg and last but not least ye ol’ Boot Cut.  Have I missed any? Let me first start off by saying, if you (Cowgirls excluded) have a pair of Boot leg or Boot cut jeans put them in a Hefty Blackout Bag, throw it in a donation bin and never look back.  As far as I’m concerned, Boot Legs are out and won’t be in style for a while.  And if you’re in your mid-twenties or older: Turn away from the Drain Pipes and Skinny Jeans! Unless you are a wanna be Joan Jett or Avril Lavigne, the chances that this pant style will look flattering on you is slim to none.  But not to worry my friends, as you will learn……there are modified versions of the skinny.

So, I guess that I should start off by saying that I was recently in the market for a new pair of jeans and this, I guess, was what started me thinking I should write a quick little tutorial on jeans.  I had gone to my favorite place, Bloomies (Bloomingdales).  Now before I go any further I just want to quickly tell you the reasons I love their denim department:

1)    The sales associates know what they are selling. They have product knowledge meetings and get to meet with all the denim reps. Thus, they possess product knowledge.  What a concept!

2)    Bloomies offers a large selection of different brands unlike let’s say Gap, which, no offense to Gap, only sells Gap Jeans.

3)    And, Bloomies has the best sales ever!

The Sales Professional who helped me this time around was Nicole Cahn (Century City Bloomingdales), and what help she was.  I gave her the following info:  I have a curvy figure, I’m in my thirties, and have “the” love handles going on.  I am looking for a good pair of jeans that will work with all these wonderful qualities I now possess and ones that will also make me look and feel good!  I would also prefer a medium to darker wash since I want to be able to dress these jeans up or down.  Don’t want any of the extras like the rips, the holes, or the distressing (not looking for trendy jeans, also they could look cheap and unflattering) and I want them to be one solid color since I know from my beloved Mizrahi, “ that a change in the color of the denim down the leg breaks up the clean line and tends to shorten the leg or enhance curves where you don’t want them.”

Before I could locate which rack my escaping toddler was hiding under, Nicole had me in the fitting room with at least six different brands to try on and she had also narrowed my search to just two different styles.  She got me jeans with a higher waist rise (and not the Farrah Fawcett type Jessica Simpson loves to wear).  They were higher than the low-rise and covered most of my love handles (and let Spanx do the rest).  She also found me some that were what I like to call, “The Redefined Skinnies”:  Skinny Jeans that someone with curves could wear.

Well it turned out that even though I was in the market for just one pair of jeans, I came out of the dressing room with not one but two pairs. And I had no choice but to get them both:

DL1961 Premium Denim – Coco Curvy Straight

DL1961 - Coco Curvy Straight

I got the DL1961’s as my dress up or down, night or day jeans.  They are made for women with curves so they fit me like a glove!  They weren’t wearing me but I was wearing them.  And I liked the way the “straight” leg looked on me.  They are also made out of a four-way stretch denim. Which means you’ll never have to worry about these jeans sagging, bagging or stretching out. “It retains its fit to your body for the long run (or walk, skip and dance).” Ladies, this means that you’ll never have to pull your pants up again!  “Even after multiple wears, these jeans will still fit perfectly.” I also liked how they offered some support.  And they actually gave my butt a little lift as well!  Perfect jeans for wearing to work, the office and they definitely look sexy enough to wear out on a date!  As Grandma Mary would have said, “These jeans are a keepa!”

Rootbeer gives the Coco Curvy Straight Two Thumbs Up!

Now I decided to also get the AG Jessie Skinny Jeans (

AG’s have always been my “go-two” jeans in the past.  And they were the only brand of jeans I found to fit after giving birth.  This time, the Jessie Skinny fit perfectly and felt like I had owned them for years already, they were so soft and comfy! (This might be because of the long process that AG Jeans spend in the wash house getting washed and pounded by Turkish pumice stones.)   The Jessies are curve–hugging around the waist, with a higher waist rise and slightly tapered all the way down to the ankles.  Perfect jeans for running around the house or going to the park with your child.

AG - Jessie Skinny

Some other fab jeans you should also look at are the JCrew’s Matchsticks and the 805 mid-rise straight legs by J Brand.

And remember, all you short girls out there….yea you!  The ones who are 5’4 or shorter, always remember that unless you are shopping for jeans in the petite section, you will have to get your jeans hemmed at the tailors.  It’s very important to have a good tailor who specializes in denim and will be able to put back the “original hem” on your pants.  If you don’t know of any try asking your friends or better yet ask Yelp.  Also, I know by experience that department stores will offer tailoring services and sometimes for free.  Also, if you are buying your jeans at a specialty store like AG, ask the sales people.  They always will always have a list of trustworthy tailors.  Also, remember that if you are petite, the pant break should cover the top of your boot or shoes.


Now for all you trend follower out there Corduroy, animal print jeans and bright colored jeans will be huge this fall:

7 for All Mankind Featherweight Skinny

Current / Elliott Leopard-Print Stilletto Skinny

J Brand Haute Hues

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