Rootbeer Costumer

How I Work

The Mission

Some costume designers and wardrobe stylists would lead you to believe that their role in a production begins and ends with finding clothes and fitting talent. Rootbeer Costumer is different. We are about executing concepts, capturing and enhancing a vision and creating great film.

The Process

Step one is to read the script. Step two is to read it again. Step three is to listen to the director…really listen. Step four is to let the script and director’s vision marinate.

The product of this conceptual stew is one of the primary differentiating deliverables of Rootbeer Costumer: The Rootbeer Costumer Mood Board.

The Rootbeer Costumer Mood Board is an amalgamation of the script, the characters, the director’s vision, the budget and the costumer’s insight, influences and keen ability to observe people and culture…of all kinds.

The Rootbeer Costumer Mood Board will convey the overall theme and direction of the wardrobe. This is a working document designed with the intent to be discussed, finessed and ultimately approved by the director.

This wardrobe blueprint will be vigilantly followed for the duration of the production.

The Result

The Rootbeer Costumer process not only ensures that the director’s vision and characters are brought to life, but it also safeguards against miscommunications in wardrobe that can be costly in both time and money.

Rootbeer Costumer—because there’s more to wardrobe than buttons and thread.