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Real People, Real Characters – 2011

Los Feliz ~ Franklin Blvd. and Bronson

One of my Favorite things to do is to take photographs of interesting looking people.  Not the made-up, beautiful ones that you would find in a magazine layout wearing $5,000 dollar outfits, sporting the latest bells and whistles.  I’m talking about the real, everyday people that can be found in the smallest of towns or in the biggest metropolis cities.  And no matter what’s happening on the runway, these people will stick to garb they like to wear.

I enjoy seeing all the different looks the masses comes up with.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that…and an eclectic look or individual style is made.  People like Jake (below) who will live, breath and wear a past era make me believe in reincarnation. And Galla (above) sporting that white bow tie on the right side of her mohawk, I just find to be one of the coolest little hipsters around.

Two of my very favorite photographers are Diane Arbus and Richard Avedon.  They both loved taking pictures of “real characters” as I like to call them. Eccentric artists, drifters, mine workers, dwarfs to circus performers all fill the pages of their portfolios.  Some critics have said that Diane liked “taking pictures of people whose normality seems ugly or surreal”, I have to disagree.  I think she liked taking pictures of people who were amazing, deep characters you just couldn’t take your eyes off of because you want to find out more about them. Not even the world’s best wardrobe stylist could come up with the looks that these characters possessed ……they would only be able to recreate them.

I’m going to dedicate this blog to all the real people and real characters that I’m fortunate enough to come across.  I’m hoping you’ll enjoy viewing the photos as much as I enjoy taking them.  I also hope they bring you inspiration :)

Jake ~ Sunset Blvd.

Silverlake bloke.

Nolita Mom

Still not sure if you can wear western boots with just about anything...

L.E.S. Barber waiting for business

After school special.....

Thought twice about putting in blog but really like the silk robe this chick's the middle of winter.

Puerto Rican ladies on the L.E.S.

Schlepping it in NYC...

Ray Bans, A timeless design that looks good even on cowboys.

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