Rootbeer Costumer


“I realize how talented our wardrobe people are every time I have to get dressed on my own.”

— Jon Hamm, “Mad Men”

Julieta Tapia is an experienced costume designer and wardrobe stylist who has an unwavering passion for the cinematic arts. Her style is diverse and ranges from rich period pieces to edgy action, science fiction and horror films.

Julieta is not a yes-woman designer, but rather a great listener. She absorbs direction and eschews a look and feel that enhances the vision of the most demanding directors. Her approach is to pore over the details of a script in an effort to fully understand the character of a film. She will make characters look as good or as bad as the script allows.

She understands the creative process involved in making movies, is extremely rigid with continuity and has a great sensitivity to the parameters dictated by budgets.

Further differentiating Julieta from other Hollywood costume designers is her ability to sew, design garment patterns and make rare and original finds from her secret rolodex of undiscovered boutiques from Los Angeles to Coon Valley, Wisconsin. Julieta is a rabid consumer of international and American pop culture. She can be in sync with everything from the latest Japanese fashion to nostalgic look of the 50s.

Julieta’s cinematic influences include the Coen Brothers, Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, David Fincher, Paul Thomas Anderson, David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock.